Saturday, January 24, 2009

Episode 4 - Incidents (1)

Trey lies down on a bed in the private room on Level 7 of the Phaser building. Sitting on a chair next to him is Virge. Virge had slept well and is prepared for what he had to do this morning. Around them Reiken, Kaylan and Cecilia sat watching.
“Are you ready Trey?” Virge asks.
“Yes,” Trey responds softly. Kaylan, Reiken and Cecilia watch in silence.
“I am going to enter your mind and see what I can do about your visions,” Virge explains. “Close your eyes.” Both Trey and Virge shut their eyes as Virge begins. Trey passes out as Virge mentally builds a bridge linking his mind and Trey’s together. Virge dives into Trey’s mind and starts to access his memories and emotions. Virge wants to see what Trey sees. He makes Trey remember back to the incident when the visions began.
It was six months ago. Trey was at home sleeping in bed. It was the last time he had a peaceful dream. It was 3am when his room door was knocked down. He woke up instantly to see five men in army gear wearing balaclavas grabbing him and abducting him. Trey struggled and yelled but it was useless. He house was empty as he lived alone and no of his neighbours could hear him.
His kidnappers tied him up and blindfolded him locking him in the boot of a car. Once the car stopped as they dragged him into an elevator where they finally threw him into a large empty room and left him. Trey struggled; he pushed his face on the ground holding the blindfold against it and pushed his face forward. He repeated that several times until the blindfold started to lower off his eyes and he could see. He looked around; he was in a large hollow room shaped like a metal dome that was brightly lit. Trey did not know where he was, but Virge did. Virge had been in that room before, it was on the 27th floor of the Tempest, Trey had been taken to the psychic’s floor.
“HELLO!” Trey yelled. “Can anybody hear me?” The lights turned off for a moment then small blue lights on the floor illuminated the room. Trey could feel the ground beneath him starting to tremble as some kind of engine began moving. The metal dome began to get extremely hot. Trey started trying to move along the floor, but as he was tied up he could only crawl a little distance. The top of the dome opened as an orb slowly descended. The orb started spinning and lights started to flicker from it like a police siren accept the colours where white lights. Then Trey stopped moving as he felt a shock as if he was being electrocuted. His eyes started to get blood shot, as he began to see visions…
He saw the world as it was today in 2112, then he saw one man… the Mayor giving the order to launch a drill, the E18. He sees the drill burrowing through the layers of the Earth until it reaches the Earth’s core and explodes destroying the world. But that is not the end of the visions. Trey sees army’s of aliens fighting in wars on space shuttles and the Moon. After the Earths end it causes a, humans are an endangered species through the universe as the only ones that survive are those on neighbouring planets or space stations. The Mayor sends out armies of alien soldiers to hunt the humans and kill them. The final image Trey see’s is thousands of murdered humans… and one human child standing among the dead corpses. These were the visions that haunted Trey at night keeping him awake.
Virge had seen it all and realised what he needed to do, he put a mental block in Trey’s containing the memories. This stopped the visions seeping into Trey’s dreams. Virge returned to his own mind and opened his eyes and rejoined reality. Trey slowly regains consciousness. Virge turns to his audience.
“What happened?” Reiken asks.
“I have stopped the dreams,” Virge explains. “But Trey is right… the world is going to end…” he pauses for a moment. “I need to show you something.” He closes his eyes and stands as he leads everyone out of the private room.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Break Out (10)

Meanwhile as Liam is in the lobby, Charlie and Bison are in a lab on the 21st floor of the Tempest. A lab worker takes the cylinder from Charlie and removes the hair and places it on a table. A laser light scans the hair as data begins to process on the computer screens.
“What is the computer doing exactly?” Charlie asks.
“It is scanning the hair’s cells,” the lab worker explains. “It is trying to find a DNA match within the database. We are using this system as it is a human hair. Every person in the world is on our database. It is just a matter of time before the computer finds a match.”
Bison receives a call on his phone. He answers it as a hologram of Liam appears.
“Bison,” Liam says.
“Yes Liam.”
“Trey Waters has escaped from the Arraign Asylum. I want you to stop what you are doing and find him,” Liam commands. He does not wait for Bison to reply as he hangs up the call and his hologram disappears.
Bison puts away his phone and turns to Charlie. “I need to go. You stay here and find out who the hair belongs to.” Charlie nods as Bison leaves the room. It is only a matter of seconds after Bison leaves the room that the computer begins to beep.
Charlie turns to the screen and after reading it feels a sense of accomplishment. Displayed on the screen: MATCH FOUND.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Break Out (9)

The next morning as Liam walks through the ground floor Lobby of the Tempest to start his day he receives a phone call through his earpiece. It lights up blue as he answers it.
“Chamber’s here,” Liam states.
“Hello Mr. Chambers, this is Officer Trace from the Century Police Department,” the caller states.
“How can I help you?”
“I am calling to inform you that there was a break in at the Arraign Asylum this evening. All the androids have been destroyed, one patient was murdered and another escaped.”
“And this is relevant to me because?” Liam asks disinterested.
“The escapee was Trey Waters. He attempted to assassinate the Mayor a few months ago. We believe now he is on the loose, the Mayor may be in danger.”
Liam stops walking and focuses on the conversation. “Thank you for the information. Are your men looking for Mr Waters?”
“We have sent a few cars patrolling the area.”
“Good. Keep me updated on your findings.” Liam ends the call. He pulls out his mobile and makes a phone call. The call is answered and a hologram of Bison appears before him.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Break Out (8)

Rushing through the city Reiken drives. Kaylan sits in the passenger seat while Trey is ducked down in the back. They arrive at the Phaser building and head down to park in the underground basement so no one on the street can see Trey get out of the car.
They enter the building and head directly up to the 18th floor to Virge’s office. They walk in to find Virge sitting behind his desk waiting for them. The office lights are all off. The city lights shine in from the large windows lighting up the centre of the room while the corners are filled with shadows.
“Welcome boys,” Virge says. The three enter and stop in front of his desk. “Nice to see you again Trey.”
“Thank you for your help Virgil,” Reiken appreciates.
“No need to thank me… I really did not do anything.” He looks at Kaylan and nods as if you say ‘good job’. “Head to level 7, there I have set up a room where you can hide out as long as you need. There are no surveillance cameras and no one can access the room without my or Cecilia’s authority. Cecilia is down there waiting for you all. She will let you in. Rest up.”
The three nod and thank Virge one last time before leaving the room. Once the doors shut behind them a figure appears out of the shadows in the corner. It is Alia.
“Thank you Virge,” she says.
“As I said to the boys, I didn’t really do anything.” Alia smiles and walks towards the door.
“Please make sure never to let Trey or Reiken know that Kaylan works for me. Let them think he is your soldier,” she requests.
“He has been living here for the past year, though you train him. He may as well be a part of my staff.” Alia waits for Virge to give a serous response. “As you request; you had nothing to do with Trey’s break out.”
Alia smiles and walks out the door. Once she has let Virge closes his eyes and then stands. He heads out of his office and to his apartment next to his office and goes to bed. He has had a long day, though he never left his chair, he was physically and mentally exhausted.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Break Out (7)

Bison and Charlie arrive in room 14 of the 9th Basement. They are greeted by a soldier. He had been scoping the room since the Intruder had escaped.
“Lieutenant, Major,” the soldier acknowledges.
“What have you found?” Bison asks. The soldier holds up a small glass cylinder in front of him. Inside it is a single strand of hair.
“We believe it is the Intruders,” the soldier states. The hair is wavy, blonde and about twenty centimetres long. “Seeing that Major Jordan has brown hair and Mr Chambers has short hair.” Charlie takes the cylinder from his hand.
“We need to get it analysed immediately,” she states.
“Unfortunately it will have to wait til the morning,” Bison advises. “All the lab workers have gone home for the night.” Charlie has been caught up with all the commotion throughout the day that she had lost track of the time. “First thing tomorrow we will get the hair analysed. Meanwhile go home and get some sleep.”
Charlie obeys and makes her way out of the Tempest for the night.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Break Out (6)

Running through the hallways of the Arraign Asylum, Kaylan leads Trey towards his freedom. Kaylan had short circuit the main power grid and broke into the institution. To get into the building he simply smashed a window. To reach Trey’s room he destroyed every robot in his way until he knocked down Trey’s door. As they ran through to the exit they pass a junk yard of robots. Trey scans each one quickly remembering how one would tazer him when he screamed in his dreams, other robots that sedated him with drugs when he raised his voice. A sense of joy went through him as he saw the deactivated machines that kept him locked up for the past five months.
As they are about to reach the broken window Kaylan had entered from Trey gets knocked to the ground. Kaylan turns around to see Trey lying bruised behind him. Towering over Trey is the Tusk Alien. With the power grid down the Tusk was able to break down his sealed door as Kaylan had broken down Trey’s.
“You’re in my space human!” the Tusk mutters at Trey. It clasps its hands together and raises it above its head ready to strike. Kaylan charges towards the Tusk and in one quick move tackles the huge Alien to the floor. The ground quakes as the Tusk falls. The Tusk is triple Kaylan’s size yet it cannot push Kaylan off it. It throws some punches at Kaylan from the ground but Kaylan blocks the attacks. He grabs the Tusk by the head and in one quick move snaps its neck.
Trey is shocked at what he just witnessed. Kaylan gets up and walks over to Trey.
“Shall we go?” Kaylan asks as he takes his hand and leads him out of the Asylum.


Reiken waits for his brother outside the Arraign Asylum walls. He did not assist Kaylan in the break out as he knew his body’s limits. If he had gone into the asylum and was attacked by an android he was defenceless. He would have most likely been killed. So he waits, not knowing whether the stranger Kaylan was going to free his brother.
It had been twenty minutes since Kaylan had jumped the large wall that surrounded the Arraign Asylum. Reiken was starting to get worried. Reiken heard something coming from the other side of the wall: it was Kaylan.

Kaylan and Trey had reached the wall, the last obstacle in Trey’s escape. The wall was three metres high.
“What now? You don’t expect me to climb that do you?” Trey asks panting, he is out of breathe from all the running.
“Just trust me,” Kaylan replies. He picks up Trey in his arms as if a groom was carrying a bride over a threshold. He bends his knees and pounced. In one giant leap, Kaylan jumps over the wall holding Trey in his arms. Once Kaylan lands he looks at Trey as they exchange glances. Kaylan smiles and puts him down. Reiken approaches his brother.
“Are you all right Trey?” He asks concerned. Trey looks at Reiken and hugs him.
“Thank you,” he whispers. He lets go of his brother and turns to Kaylan. “And thank you.” “My pleasure,” Kaylan smirks. “It was fun… Now let’s get out of here.” The three jump into Reiken’s car as they head to safety.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Break Out (5)

Back at the Tempest building Liam, Bison and Charlie along with several soldiers are at the murder scene searching for clues to find out how the psychics were killed. Liam walks past the corpses and into a separate room with Bison and Charlie following. The three walk into a large wide open room shaped like a metal dome. Liam stands in the centre of the hollow dome, bends down and lifts up a small piece of the floor revealing a number pad. He types in a code and the floor beside him begins to open as a pod elevates from the ground. The Pod opens revealing nothing inside it.
“Just as I thought… the Intruder stole the psychic’s Core,” Liam states.
“It killed eight psychics,” Charlie says. “I thought psychics could read mind. Some even have telekinesis… How could anyone manage to kill eight psychics in the same room?”
“Psychic’s are incredibly powerful beings. Some can even take over your mind and inhabit your body,” Liam explains. “But some people have ways of blocking psychics from using their telepathy on them. And though telekinesis is powerful, skilled warriors know how to attack without getting affected by that ability.”
“Yes Charlie,” Bison ads. “Both Liam and myself are immune from psychic telepathy. We both have chips implanted in our brains to stop the psychic waves.”
Charlie stares at her Lieutenant. There is so much she does not know about him. Bison’s earpiece begins to beep. It is an incoming call from a soldier.
“Go ahead,” Bison communicates.
“Lieutenant, come to the 9th basement, we have found something in room 14 where the Intruder escaped,” the Soldier replies.
“On my way,” Bison says as he ends the transmission. He turns to Liam. “My Unit has uncovered something downstairs. Major Jordan and I will check it out.” He and Charlie exit the room as Liam resets the Pod back underground. Liam heads back to the room with the dead psychics. He approaches a soldier.
“Have you found anything?”
“Well from what we can tell each psychic was killed a matter of seconds after the other,” the Soldier explains. “Whatever did this knew what it was doing.”
“Any ideas on who or what did it?” Liam asks.
“Not as yet. The video surveillance for this room cut out this morning shortly after lockdown began. And there is not a single fingerprint or DNA sample in the vicinity.” Liam acknowledges the soldier and exits the scene, he has other matters to deal with.